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Our service includes: NO-MESS GUARANTEE

  1. Vacuuming and hand-brushing of the firebox

  2. Cleaning and checking the damper for proper operation

  3. Removing all debris and soot from the smoke shelf  (which is above and behind the damper)

  4. Hand-brushing of the smoke chamber and chimney flue

  5. Checking and cleaning of the chimney cap (if applicable)

  6. Instructions for the safe use of your fireplace or woodstove, upon request

    Other services that we offer in Parker CO:

  7. Removal of bird and squirrel nests from chimneys

  8. Repair or replacement of mortar caps Installation of after-market dampers

  9. Installation of chimney caps for masonry chimneys and animal screens for metal chimneys

  10. Discounts for multiple fireplaces

  11. Discounts for multiple-unit buildings such as apartments or condominiums

  12. Repeat-customer discounts